Homeownership today.

Earn your down payment in three years by paying rent.

Access all the benefits of homeownership

We do this with Ownership Credits.
This allows you to:

Take Responsibility

It's your home.

Buy with Certainty

Lock in your future home price and grow your equity.

Be Part of the Community

Get to know your neighbours.

How it Works

Welome to the neighbourhood

Find any home for sale, and Ownhome will buy it with an all cash offer. We'll lease the home back to you and credit a portion of rent to your Ownership Credits. The credits will be applied towards the home purchase price when you're ready to buy. Just like a down payment.

Make it your own

Once all the paper work is done, we'll hand you the keys and leave it up to you to make it your own. Bring your pets and get to know the neighbours.

Homeownership made realistic.

One month at a time.

One Simple Payment

Pay rent like you normally do. A portion of your rent goes towards your Ownership Credits.

Transparent Purchase Price

We agree on the future home price before you move in.

An Attainable Goal

Your Ownership Credits are used towards your home purchase, just like a down payment. Those monthly contributions really add up.

Frequently Asked Questions

We make money from rent like any landlord. We also benefit from the appreciation when you buy the home from us. When you're ready to take ownership we also look for the best mortgage for you. If we find you the best deal we'll earn a commission on the mortgage.
No, we're committed to charging market rate rents. Your monthly payment is higher to contribute to your share of the ownership.
We set a three year term. By the end of the three years, your Ownership Credits will be equal to a minium 5 percent down payment on the home at the agreed upon price. This allows you to apply for a mortgage and take the next step in your ownership journey.
We do the same checks as any landlord. We'll take a look at payment history with a credit check, verify your income and employment history.
We're committed to letting you choose the home you want that meets your specific needs. However we might not approve a specific house due to:
  • The home does not pass inspection and needs too many repairs.
  • Your income does not support the purchase price.
  • Older buildings that may need large future repairs.
You're free to move like any standard lease agreement. You will be responsible for any remaining rent and will forfeit your Ownership Credits.

"Our favourite holding period is forever."

-Warren Buffet, Berkshire Hathaway.

We're big fans of Buffet and his principles of investing. We believe in this perspective, especially when making the largest investment in your lifetime. Let's make homeownership attainable.

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