Why did we start Ownhome?

A team member of ours and their partner needed more space. When they applied for a mortgage, they learned their incomes and credit history was strong enough to qualify but the savings they had for a down payment was not enough. The down payment had become a hurdle. They come from middle class families that don't have the financial resources to help them support the home purchase.

This experience made us ask a few questions:

  • Why is a household with stable jobs and good credit unable to purchase a home?
  • Why should homeownership be a privilege for the wealthy?
  • How can we make homeownership attainable?

We asked these questions to everyone in our communities when we first launched back in November 2018. It became abundantly clear there was a problem in the traditional path to homeownership:

Saving for your down payment in a reasonable time period is the problem for many Canadians.

At Ownhome we've set out to make that as easy as possible.

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